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Kathy Tucker, Senior Care Counselor, shares Arbor Terrace Fulton’s Fresh Approach to Senior Living

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5 Frequently Asked Questions & Their Answers:

  1. What sets Arbor Terrace Fulton apart from the rest?

Being a newer community, we have put in all the perfect touches to make Arbor Terrace Fulton feel cozy and comfortable. But our community is more than just a lovely building. Our people truly set us apart. The Arbor Company prides itself on hiring the best; so much so, that we provide each new resident with a satisfaction guarantee. We are committed to getting it right within the first sixty days. At Arbor Terrace Fulton, our team members create meaningful relationships – we call them deep connections – with those we serve. Whether we make your favorite dessert after dinner or plan a trip to your old neighborhood, we want to learn more about your so that we can build a relationship together. Call us to learn more.

2. How do we keep in touch with families?

There are a variety of ways in which we communicate with families.  Amanda Gill, our Executive Director, sends routine e-mail communication to families with the happenings in the community along with any noteworthy information.  Our Engagement team uses the Sagely Family App to create and track activity programs for residents. This program provides family members peace of mind, providing real-time updates and photos to show that their loved one is engaged and active.  Our residents and families also benefit from Eversound, a wireless headphone system. Eversound minimizes social isolation by enabling residents to hear and focus. Even while physically distance, our systems bring families together for meaningful moments of connection during window visits and engagement programs.

3. How do we keep our residents safe from Covid? 

The Arbor Company continues to take a cautious approach with our response to COVID-19. Staff members wear masks at all times, and we ask residents to wear masks whenever they leave their apartments or when a staff member is in their apartments. Staff use full PPE (personal protective equipment) for any residents on isolation protocols. We screen every employee and resident daily, including taking their temperature and checking for symptoms. Employees are tested weekly for COVID-19. Residents are tested if symptomatic or if another resident or an employee tests positive. Our staff clean and sanitize high-touch areas multiple times per day using EPA-approved disinfectants. We maintain social distancing at all times, unless a staff member is providing direct care to a resident. Our community has regular communication with the health department as COVID-19 restrictions change.

4. What are the dining options like when one dines? 

At Arbor Terrace Fulton, we offer three daily meals and everything in between! We offer a variety of options for each meal, including an “always available menu” for residents who would like a selection other than the day’s special entrees.  Jarrett, our Dining Director, meets with residents to discuss their preferences and specific needs.  Do you have a favorite recipe you would like to share with Jarrett? He will add your special dish to the menu!

5. What layouts of apartments does Arbor Terrace Fulton offer?  

We offer 16 different layouts to varying from studio apartments at 350 square feet to a large 2-bedroom option at 820 square feet. With such a large assortment of floor plans, we can meet most space and financial needs. Something unique to our community is a one bedroom option in our Evergreen memory care neighborhood. This option works well for spouses where there is a memory care need for one or both residents, allowing them to remain together in our community.

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