Jenn Gruber – Life Coach

5 “Fun” Facts about Jenn and Life Coaching:

  1. Coaching doesn’t involve any advice-giving. What works for one person isn’t necessarily the best solution for anyone else, so I help clients to find the answers that are right for them.
  2. I met with clients via Zoom long before Covid-19!
  3. I practice yoga and meditation regularly and incorporate mindfulness into my coaching practice.
  4. As the mother of three young adult children and a daughter who lost my dad to Alzheimer’s and helped my mom downsize from her home of 50 years to a condo, I’ve struggled with some of the same issues as many of my clients.
  5. The happiest people, according to a 2002 Harvard study, are those who have close ties to friends and family and who are committed to spending time with them. I believe this wholeheartedly and love supporting clients as they find fulfillment and joy in their relationships.

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