Personic Healthcare

Personic Advanced Wound Care is a leading provider of state-of-the-art mobile wound care services. We combine innovative therapies within a standardized protocol to help patients heal faster and with less complications, all within the comfort of their existing accommodations.

Non-healing wounds demand high levels of vigilance, expertise, and respect – critical resources in helping people get back to living a life of vitality. Our team of providers will work on-location with your patients to find the right solution for their individual circumstances, starting with a free consultation to assess their needs. Whatever their needs are, we’ll help make sure they get better faster.

Visit Winter Grace Senior Ministries to Learn More about Our Holistic, Christian Ministry with and for Older Adults. We would love to work with you individually, with your family, and/or your church family. Our mission is to:

Empower and Enrich the Lives of Older Adults Through Christian Initiatives, Connecting People, Ideas, and Resources.