Treasured Wellness-Michelle McCoy

Meet Michelle

Michelle McCoy is a Board-Certified Functional Health Coach, Licensed Ecclesiastical Health Practitioner and Podcast Host.

Michelle supports women who have been struggling with Chronic Fatigue and Autoimmune symptoms to reclaim their health with anti-inflammatory lifestyle changes and natural solutions using a Godly approach.

She desires to help other women to be soul inspired and empowered in all areas of health; Mind, Body and Soul and challenges women to turn their despair into deliverance as our Heavenly Father intended.

Michelle is happily married to her best friend of 29 years; they have 2 adult children and their spouses and 3 grand dogs! Michelle and her husband are currently thriving during this new phase of living within an empty nest. 

A Testimonial…

5 Fun Facts About Michelle!

1. I have wanted chickens for almost 3 years and I finally got my husband on board this year!

2. I haven’t had to mow my yard in 20 years! Perks of having a son and a hubby who love to do it. 

3. I generally have 3-5 books I am reading at any given time.

4. I love the beach and mountains equally. 

5. I am a terrible gardener but always have high hopes each spring. 

So Many Ways to Connect with Michelle

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